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Instruction For Authors

The Research Journal of the Costume Culture
(Enacted in 1993, most recently revised on August 2018)

Articles published by the Costume Culture Association (CCA) with the aim of accelerating the global exchange of ideas and theories in the field of textiles and clothing. The journal has its major focus on the cultural, aesthetic, historic and psychological aspects of clothing as well as on other areas such as marketing or textile science. The manuscript categories suitable for the Journal include the following: 1. original research articles, 2. invited review articles of an authoritative and critical nature on a topic of major importance, 3. editorial, and 4. case reports. Submission can be made at any time by the on-line Manuscript Central website (http://submission.rjcc.or.kr).

1. Submission of Articles

1) Manuscripts should be submitted through the on-line Manuscript Central website (http://submission.rjcc.or.kr).

2) Other correspondences can be e-mailed to Dr. Eunah Yoh, Chief Editor, The Research Journal of the Costume Culture, c/o Dept. of Fashion Marketing, Keimyung University, 104 Myeongdeok-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu 42403, Korea (e-mail: costumeculture@daum.net, Tel.: +82-10-7603-9572, Fax: +82-53-620-2228)
3) Membership in The Costume Culture Association is a prerequisite for consideration of manuscripts for publication.
4) Submit only manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere. The Costume Culture Association holds copyright for papers accepted for publication. Permission should be obtained from the Association for reproduction.
5) Author check list and Copyright transfer form can be found during the submission process via submission website (http://submission.rjcc.or.kr).

2. Submission Guidelines

The following three documents should be included in the initial submission packet sent to the editorial board of the Costume Culture Association via submission website (http://submission.rjcc.or.kr).
1) The corresponding author can submit manuscripts in PDF file format. Confirmation of submission will be notified to the corresponding author via e-mail.
2) The Research Article Submission Form (including the manuscript title, name(s), position(s), and institutional affiliation(s) of all authors, contact information of the corresponding author) must be prepared and has to be sent with the research article manuscript.
3) Transfer of Copyright agreement must be completed, signed and sent along with the research manuscript.
4) For the policies on the research and publication ethics not indicated in this instructions, International standards for editors and authors (http://publicationethics.org/resources/international-standards-for-editors-and-authors) can be applied.
5) The publication fee is US $140 up to 7 pages, and $20 per additional page regardless of membership status. The publication cost is subject to change according to the society's financial condition.

3. Manuscript Preparation

1) Manuscripts should be written in English.
2) The first page of the manuscript should include the title, an abstract and key words. The main text should follow the key words and include components such as introduction, review of literature, research method, results and discussions, and conclusions.
3) The manuscript should not be longer than 18 printed pages. Manuscripts should be typed (11 point of letter size for HWP) using the latest versions of MS Word (11 point of time new Roman font, double spaced, 2.5cm margins on all sides) and should be saved in PDF file format before submission.
4) Title: Only the title of the submitted manuscript should appear in the manuscript. Name of the authors and their affiliations should be included in the submission form only.
5) Abstracts: Include Objective, Method, Results, and Conclusion with about 200-250 words. It should be written in English.
6) Keywords: list five major words in italic.
7) Table: Follow SI units and SI units. Units of the data such as “cm” should be included in the upper right hand of the table in parentheses.
8) Figures: All visual images other than table should be listed as figures. Below the figure image, the title should appear. Consider proper resolution for printing images. Figures should be submitted either as photographs of sharp, black-and-white glossy prints or as camera-ready illustrations done professionally.
9) Subheadings: Should have roman characters such as I. Introduction, II. Background, III. Methods, IV. Results, V. Conclusion. In 12 point Fonts. The subheadings should follow numeric format as follows. 1. Data collection, 1.1. Questionnaire.
10) Reference Citations: All manuscripts must follow the Reference Style Guide. The International Journal of Costume Culture would accept the latest version of APA (The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) style as its standard reference citation method.
11) Footnotes: Should not be used in the manuscript.
12) SI units: Use the metric system of units followed by The International System of Units.
13) Appendix: If authors wish to use appendix, locate those before the reference list. Use numbering when needed such as Appendix 1, Appendix 2.

4. Peer review process

All manuscripts are treated as confidential. They are peer-reviewed by at least 2 anonymous reviewers selected by the editor and associate editors. Letters to the Editor are reviewed and published on decision of the editor. The corresponding author is notified as soon as possible of the editor's decision to accept, reject, or request revision of manuscripts. When the final version of revised manuscript is completely acceptable according to the CCA format and criteria, it is scheduled for publication in the next available issue. Rejected papers will not be peer-reviewed again.